Direct TV, Blue Ray, Fire Stick, Roku and Netflix have been offering 4K for a while but until now the capability of 4K wasn’t being fully utilized because of a shortage of content.  All that is about to change driven by the power of Apple. As usual, the Apple team has taken existing technology and made it better and more accessible.

So, what you can gain as an Apple TV customer.

Existing Apple TV users who have a library of movies and TV shows will now be able to view these at 4K where available at no additional cost, over their new device. And all future purchases from Apple will be in 4K at the current price of HD.  So, overnight, the content mountain has emerged!

Additionally, the device works with HDR, which is just as important, if not more so, than the higher pixel count that 4K offers.  Why? Because it makes everything look more natural, “pop” more, and just seem more “real,” despite having lower resolution.

Apple TV 4K is available from 9/22. If you’d like to talk to us about upgrading your system to include Apple TV 4K, call us any time.

To watch the recent Apple announcement at the Steve Jobs theater, click on the video below.