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Here are our top tips for creating the best outdoor space for entertaining in 2018.

Outdoor wifi

There’s no point subscribing to Apple Music, Pandora, etc if you have to keep moving inside to control your audio system. By installing an outdoor WiFi access point, control is seamless whether you’re indoors or sitting in your spa! This is something that is often overlooked by homeowners so test your signal strength outside, as well as inside the home.

Choose the right TV

Don’t cut corners on your outdoor viewing with a cheap indoor TV. There are video screens available that have been designed with the weather in mind and here in Texas, the sun and heat is definitely something to consider when designing your outdoor audio visual set up.

SunBriteTVs are the world’s best-selling, time tested outdoor TVs, crafted to withstand the harshest elements. Some models even feature a protective screen for those parties that get a little too rowdy…!

Put screens in the right place

If people are going to be sitting down a lot, consider an articulating TV mount which will allow you to not only angle your wall mounted TV from left to right but also pull it down to give optimal viewing for your guests. There are a couple of great mount products out there, from manual to motorized.

Discreet landscape audio

Outdoor speakers should be heard and not seen. They also need to be able to cope with the harsh elements. There are a number of awesome products on the market that meet these objectives and sound amazing too, including the ranges from Coastal Source and Sonance.

Light up your life

Once you’ve invested time and money in maintaining your pool, landscape and technology you want to show it off and what better to do this than with professional outdoor lighting. Coastal Source offers some stunning lighting products to shine the spotlight on your beautiful home.

Or perhaps you’re a little more introverted and want to keep things subtle. Installing gentle lighting in the right areas of your outdoor space not only creates a mellow ambience, it also potentially reduces the risk of guests tripping over and spilling food onto your brand new white sun lounger!


Coastal Source lighting


Subscribe to stream

Don’t be that person who has a great sound system but can’t play anything other than their favorite guilty pleasure playlist from their iPhone. Work out the best music sharing solution for you and your family, subscribe and stream the latest music via Apple, Spotify or another music platform. And don’t forget your passwords!

Test your system

Have you been indoors hibernating for the past few months? If your outdoor system hasn’t had much use, check everything still works and that you remember how to control all of your equipment. Don’t leave it until the day before a big game or family event. Contact us if you want to schedule a service call to make sure your system is working as it should.

Keep your home secure

Once you’ve invested in audio visual equipment for your back yard, keep it safe.

From security lighting to motion sensors, having a security system in place is a deterrent to an opportunist who might be considering how much they could get for your new TV on Craigs List!

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